Prosenjit on #SaveCinemasSaveJobs: Cinema a magical experience which unfolds only on big screen | Bengali Movie News

Cinema halls across India still remain closed since the coronavirus-induced lockdown and it has created havoc for the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, Organisations such as the Multiplex Association of India (MAI), Producers Guild of India (GUILD) and the Eastern India Motion Pictures Association (EIMPA) have urged government for relaxations in opening cinema halls citing the financial struggles of the last six months. Since yesterday, #UnlockCinemasSaveJobs is also trending on social media with big names from the industry raising their voice to address the issue.

While filmmakers, audiences and stakeholders debate over the current scenario, Prosenjit Chatterjee feels despite the rise of OTT platform, cinema halls will stay forever.

“The lockdown has seen online streaming platforms and web series gaining more popularity. They definitely have a huge potential and many international companies are focusing on Indian market to set up OTT platforms. This has also made a platform for many talented actors and technicians to show their credentials. But I still believe cinema will stay. It comes with a special magic which unfolds on big screen. It can’t be compared to watching OTT content in isolation,” prosenjit shared with ETimes in an exclusive chat.

The ‘Robibaar’ actor has seen this industry from close quarters over the years. So, how well does he think Tollywood would move ahead in the coming months?

“It is not only us who are affected by this pandemic, entertainment industries across the country is suffering. Global economy has been affected badly. To be honest, I don’t have an answer to this, because I am not God. I can only hope that things will be fine in the future. We used to think that humans were the most powerful beings on earth, but the recent coronavirus pandemic had proved we were wrong. We are, in fact, puppets in the hands of Almighty. Nature is the decision-maker and will always be so,” explained an optimistic Prosenjit.

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